Is London coming back to life?

We were pleased to be invited to a Tortoise Media event on the 14th June to debate the topic of London coming back to life post pandemic.

There was much discussion around the exciting subject of investment into life science development, healthcare, the arts, culture and leisure and there is no doubt that there is a huge amount of capital investment planned for the city.

London remains a place to meet, work, play and be entertained although with inflation racing ever higher, a creaking infrastructure (let’s not mention the train strikes!) and housing costs at an all-time high, how do the workers either afford to live in or travel to London?

Despite the mass exodus of Londoners to the shires during the pandemic it seems as though many office workers are keen to get back into an office environment (and the bars and restaurants)! Could the answer to housing affordability be a flexi model similar to offices and/or a campus style environment as trialled by the likes of Google and Apple.

One thing we did ascertain is that there is still much to be excited about in London.

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