PROMIND Coaching

New Partnership with PROMIND

Covid lockdowns gave us time to assess our business and how we could make step changes in our approach. With ESG being a focus across the property industry we are pleased to have made strides in all areas and in particular the ‘Social’ agenda.


PROMIND provide property focussed leadership and self-management coaching and we have now been working with them for the last 18 months and we’re delighted to have formalised our relationship with the business founder, Victoria Hill. Having known Victoria for more than 20 years, we’ve had a strong working relationship and have been unsurprised by the high quality of the PROMIND process. We see improvement through personal coaching as an invaluable part of our growing business and this would extend to any business in these changing times.

With people and businesses recently adapting to a sustained shift in the way we work in light of Covid-19, human capital has really been put in the spotlight. Pre-pandemic, working face to face in person allowed our people to gain their sense of connection, motivation and discipline from others.

Just as we have needed to adapt our businesses, we need to change the way we support our people. Instead of focussing solely on traditional leadership development, PROMIND is also imparting key future leaderships skills and self-management techniques so that our people will be much better placed to show resilience in crises, remain effective despite challenge and maintain accountability for their performance whatever the working environment.

In addition, the co-dependent nature of mental wellbeing and productivity means this is a mutually beneficial approach for both individuals and businesses. PROMIND also focusses on providing the benefits of coaching to underrepresented populations in real estate. Its online coaching platform makes coaching more applicable, accessible and affordable for those who wish to self-invest.

We supporting the work PROMIND does and promoting the resource across our well established network. We believe that all businesses can benefit no matter how small or large. Please feel free to contact Victoria Hill ,if you would like to find out more.

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