Jobs in CRE in 2023 and beyond.

How AI is effecting the future job market.

With the advent of genuinely useful AI, there are now real advances that were pure science fiction only a few years ago. To avoid being swept along (or aside), great attention must to be paid to how businesses are impacted.
Imagine how much more difficult it is for those currently going through the education system than for their predecessors, as they must guess what will be relevant when they eventually enter the workplace. Those who have mentored undergraduate students over the last few years know, from first hand experience, how bewildering this is for trainees but a firm grasp of technology seems like a great insurance policy. Here are a few ideas worth considering:

AI Implementation Specialist: Become proficient in AI technologies and their applications in commercial property. You can work on integrating AI systems into property management processes, optimizing operations, and driving efficiency.

Data Analyst/Scientist: Develop skills in data analysis, data management, and statistical modelling. As AI becomes more prevalent in the industry, data analysis and interpretation will continue to be essential for making informed decisions and extracting valuable insights from large datasets.

Sustainability Consultant: Combine knowledge of commercial property with an understanding of environmental sustainability. AI can play a significant role in optimizing energy usage, analysing environmental impact, and developing sustainable property management strategies.

Predictive Analyst: Develop skills in predictive modelling and forecasting using AI algorithms. Commercial property investors and developers rely on accurate predictions for property values, market trends, and rental demand. Being adept at using AI to generate predictive insights will be valuable in making data-driven investment decisions.

It’s the wild west out there right now when it comes to AI and future professionals need to be tech savvy.

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